Air Purifier or Air Cleaner, Which One is Right For Me?


Daily air pollution is on the rise, the air is being contaminated with pollutants that are incompatible with human system. Even though these air pollutants may not have serious effects now, their accumulation over time could prove to be harmful to human health by inducing respiratory disease conditions. In fact, EPA research have revealed that air quality in american homes is about 2-5 times worse than outdoor air. In such situations, there is a conscious need to be safe, but the dilemma of choosing between an Air purifier or air cleaner keeps lurking around.


Air Cleaners

A lot of air  cleaners brands abound in the market today, even it is hard to be distinguish an air cleaner from an air purifier. The surest way to do this by the examination of the technology the appliance works with. The most sought after technology in place now, is the high-efficiency particulate (HEPA)filter. It is able to remove almost all particles in the air provided they measure as small  0.3 microns.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are basically of same stock as air cleaners,only that they are capable of eliminating particles as small as 0.01 microns. Air purifier options abound from ionizers, which release negative ions to bind with air pollutants and contaminants making them too large to remain in the air. There are also, UV germicidal irradiation purifiers that are capble of emitting lights of specific wavelengths that are dangerous to microorganisms . These UV purifiers are not effective against particulates. Portable purifiers and combination purifiers are also available. See more.

Comparing Air purifiers and air cleaners.

As have been emphasized, air cleaners and air purifiers are same. Their differences lie in their effectiveness. Nonetheless, the main component both of them share are the air filters, most of these appliances having multiple air filters. These air filters differ in the characteristics and functionality, so it is an important feature that should be checked. Most times, it is wise to go for air purifiers /cleaners with a combination of air filters so that each one complements the other.

Factors in buying an air cleaner/purifier

In getting an air purifier appliance for your some or office, it is wise that you factor in the kind of filter that will be useful to you . The filter type will also be influenced by what type of air pollutant you are being disturbed by. For odours and volatile organic compounds, an activated carbon filter will be very needed, just as air cleaners with HEPA filters is ideal for airborne particles . UV filters are also recommended for microorganisms.

Also, check out whether the air filter is replaceable or not and how easy or costly this would be. If you will embark on a whole house or single room installation, should also be factored.


A review of any air purifier or air cleaner is not ultimate because every purifier has a specific need that it meets. Ease of replacement, effectiveness and the quality of air produced should be paramount in search for the best air purifier. For more information visit: