Allergies, Air Purifiers and a Healthy Lifestyle


Weather extremes such as the spring and winter could mean bad news to many sufferers of allergic conditions. A large percentage of the population estimated around 50 million Americans suffer from some type of allergy and have dealt a great deal on their lifestyles and level of productivity s. With this statistics of allergic persons , the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still reports that indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. In the midst  of these allergies , whose symptoms make it hard to live life productively and the poor quality of air, an air purifier could be in your bucket list but is it really the solution?

First step in Improving Air Quality

Allergies come with symptoms that totally degenerate the quality of life and it’s symptoms that make our work and daily activities look like a hassle. The itchy eyes, running nose with difficulty in breathing and coughing can sap a lot of energy and make living a normal life, difficult. The first step towards living a healthy life is to remove the source of the allergen or irritant, by keeping a clean home and vacuuming regularly to remove dusts and other minute particles . This includes puuting away all irritataive and allergy inducing materials, furniture, flooring to keep the air pure ,surfaces clean and free of allergens. For some persons, their pets and some furniture are indispensable, hence in this situation we will have to find an alternative way to promote quality air. Learn more.

Air Purifiers come in

In a bid to create a quality air environment in our homes and offices, air purifiers can be very useful in cases where tidiness can’t completely solve the puzzle. Air purifiers come in different brands but one thing that is sure is, that they are capable of eliminating about 99% of alla it pollutants and particles of 0.3 microns and above. Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers emit a wavelength of light that is able to destroy and prevent multiplication of unwanted particles and spores that induce allergy. Too, germicidal and anti-bacterial air purifiers are active against all living unwanted allergens. This will be favourable for people with cold and flu.

Also, the ionizers, a group of purifiers produce negative particles that bind to non-living allergens floating in the air, this makes them heavy to float  in the air and hence are gotten rid of. These units are also capanl EOF trapping air particles, which is best for persons with dust related  allergies.


Allergies take life and healthy living out of a man, with  all it’s symptoms that make life hard to live. However in a quest to get rid of allergies , healthy living must be embraced and air purifiers employed in most cases. Keeping the home free from irritants, surfaces free from allergens and dust, air purifiers can come in handy to remove all of these.The air purifier units can be installed on a single room or whole house basis. Check out this site: