How to Choose the Best Blender

I’m glad that most of you have liked my recent blog about the difference between best juicer and mixing. Many people tell me that they finally understood the benefits of both after reading the message and had new ideas on where, where and how to adjust the juices and cocktails in their lives. Hooray! It’s absolutely fantastic.

Information on best blender for smoothies


This blog has also caused beautiful questions, and all this information on best blender for smoothies and confusion has created a desire to get additional information. Hey, I’m happy to give you up (especially when it’s one of my favorite subjects!). Particularly popular was the question: how to choose a blender and a juicer. Today I will guide you into the blender world and explain how to choose the best car for you. (Next week: how to choose a juicer).

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The best juicer have gone a long way since they debuted their piña colada. One great thing about all the mixers is that they are easy to clean and that there are not many parts or components to keep from sucking. Typically, mixers range from high-speed, high-speed devices to abstemiously priced, more likely to deal with this task. But the best of them is the extra cost. Believe me. Save your money and make a priority when you can. The premium mixer lasts a lifetime. These days I believed in Rolls Royce mixers: a powerful Vitamix. This big dog can mix with anything, including raw soups, sauces, ice cream, walnut oil and sometimes margarita. Hell, he could cut cowboy shoes, even if I did not recommend it.



Vitamix is ​​very easy to use. It has a switch and a dial that allows you to use both speeds. It also comes with a practical plastic manipulator that helps to melt the ingredients that lock into the corners. The only downside is the cost. These cars range from about 350 to over US $ 600, depending on the model. Make sure you invest in a quality device that will stay with you for many years mixing up adventures. If you are confronted with twists in the way, Vitamix guarantees seven years on new models and a five-year guarantee for recovery. (Yes, you can mark a gently used machine).



Blended is another quality of best juicer. Prices for Blended are comparable to Vitamix prices and also offer up-to-date models that truly meet your personal preferences. In our house my husband is a type of blend, and I’m a vitamin. Blended is somewhat shorter and brighter than Vitamix (easier to store in cabinets) and comes with pre-programmed sites that basically make you think. But since it’s easier, it can go further in the rack. Some people believe that cocktails made with Blended are more sparkling than the creamy versions created by Vitamix. I did not notice it, but I could. It seems that Blended is processing a jug full of thicker liquids than Vitamix. Blended Bluetooth is not very good at giving dates; Small suckers are pieces at the base of the jug. Enter my belly, your sweet date!

Oster Versa

Another high-speed best blender for smoothies to choose from is the Oster Versa. I recently tried them, and I was impressed by her performance. Though he was lighter and did not seem so rude, he still worked as a champion. With a price of just $ 300, this is very convenient for a high-speed car. Click