Air Purifier or Air Cleaner, Which One is Right For Me?


Daily air pollution is on the rise, the air is being contaminated with pollutants that are incompatible with human system. Even though these air pollutants may not have serious effects now, their accumulation over time could prove to be harmful to human health by inducing respiratory disease conditions. In fact, EPA research have revealed that air quality in american homes is about 2-5 times worse than outdoor air. In such situations, there is a conscious need to be safe, but the dilemma of choosing between an Air purifier or air cleaner keeps lurking around.


Air Cleaners

A lot of air  cleaners brands abound in the market today, even it is hard to be distinguish an air cleaner from an air purifier. The surest way to do this by the examination of the technology the appliance works with. The most sought after technology in place now, is the high-efficiency particulate (HEPA)filter. It is able to remove almost all particles in the air provided they measure as small  0.3 microns.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are basically of same stock as air cleaners,only that they are capable of eliminating particles as small as 0.01 microns. Air purifier options abound from ionizers, which release negative ions to bind with air pollutants and contaminants making them too large to remain in the air. There are also, UV germicidal irradiation purifiers that are capble of emitting lights of specific wavelengths that are dangerous to microorganisms . These UV purifiers are not effective against particulates. Portable purifiers and combination purifiers are also available. See more.

Comparing Air purifiers and air cleaners.

As have been emphasized, air cleaners and air purifiers are same. Their differences lie in their effectiveness. Nonetheless, the main component both of them share are the air filters, most of these appliances having multiple air filters. These air filters differ in the characteristics and functionality, so it is an important feature that should be checked. Most times, it is wise to go for air purifiers /cleaners with a combination of air filters so that each one complements the other.

Factors in buying an air cleaner/purifier

In getting an air purifier appliance for your some or office, it is wise that you factor in the kind of filter that will be useful to you . The filter type will also be influenced by what type of air pollutant you are being disturbed by. For odours and volatile organic compounds, an activated carbon filter will be very needed, just as air cleaners with HEPA filters is ideal for airborne particles . UV filters are also recommended for microorganisms.

Also, check out whether the air filter is replaceable or not and how easy or costly this would be. If you will embark on a whole house or single room installation, should also be factored.


A review of any air purifier or air cleaner is not ultimate because every purifier has a specific need that it meets. Ease of replacement, effectiveness and the quality of air produced should be paramount in search for the best air purifier. For more information visit:

Allergies, Air Purifiers and a Healthy Lifestyle


Weather extremes such as the spring and winter could mean bad news to many sufferers of allergic conditions. A large percentage of the population estimated around 50 million Americans suffer from some type of allergy and have dealt a great deal on their lifestyles and level of productivity s. With this statistics of allergic persons , the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still reports that indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. In the midst  of these allergies , whose symptoms make it hard to live life productively and the poor quality of air, an air purifier could be in your bucket list but is it really the solution?

First step in Improving Air Quality

Allergies come with symptoms that totally degenerate the quality of life and it’s symptoms that make our work and daily activities look like a hassle. The itchy eyes, running nose with difficulty in breathing and coughing can sap a lot of energy and make living a normal life, difficult. The first step towards living a healthy life is to remove the source of the allergen or irritant, by keeping a clean home and vacuuming regularly to remove dusts and other minute particles . This includes puuting away all irritataive and allergy inducing materials, furniture, flooring to keep the air pure ,surfaces clean and free of allergens. For some persons, their pets and some furniture are indispensable, hence in this situation we will have to find an alternative way to promote quality air. Learn more.

Air Purifiers come in

In a bid to create a quality air environment in our homes and offices, air purifiers can be very useful in cases where tidiness can’t completely solve the puzzle. Air purifiers come in different brands but one thing that is sure is, that they are capable of eliminating about 99% of alla it pollutants and particles of 0.3 microns and above. Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers emit a wavelength of light that is able to destroy and prevent multiplication of unwanted particles and spores that induce allergy. Too, germicidal and anti-bacterial air purifiers are active against all living unwanted allergens. This will be favourable for people with cold and flu.

Also, the ionizers, a group of purifiers produce negative particles that bind to non-living allergens floating in the air, this makes them heavy to float  in the air and hence are gotten rid of. These units are also capanl EOF trapping air particles, which is best for persons with dust related  allergies.


Allergies take life and healthy living out of a man, with  all it’s symptoms that make life hard to live. However in a quest to get rid of allergies , healthy living must be embraced and air purifiers employed in most cases. Keeping the home free from irritants, surfaces free from allergens and dust, air purifiers can come in handy to remove all of these.The air purifier units can be installed on a single room or whole house basis. Check out this site:

Should You Look For The Best Juicer Or Blender? How to Make the Choice?

Choosing between the best blender and the best juicer can really be tough. You have two very different machines and while they are both very useful, they may not both be what you’re looking for. So, it’s time to get your thinking cap on. If you want to know how to make the choice between the two machines, read on to find out how you can make it slightly easier to choose.

What Do You Plan To Use The Machine For?

Let’s be honest, juicers are ideal if you want to create juices and not much else. These items have been crafted especially for creating different juices and such and if you want a machine that makes juices alone, the best juicer might be necessary. However, if you want a machine that can make smoothies and everything else then it may be wise to look into blenders instead. It can be a difficult choice to make so it’s best to think about the purpose of the machine and what you plan to use it for. If you’re just looking for something to create juices, the juicers are the ideal machine; then again, blenders are able to handle a bit of everything so it could be ideal for cooking too. Understand the purpose of the machine.

Do You Like The Sound Of One Over The Other?

It’s hard to make a final choice simply because blenders and juicers can both look very appealing. However, there are a few simple ways to help you decide and one thing which should be given a lot of thought over has to be what you personally prefer? Do you like the sound of a juicer or do you feel a blender is more suited to your home? The best blender for smoothies can make delicious smoothies at home but can also be used to puree foods and help in preparing dinner and other meals depending on what you need it to do. Ask yourself do you like the sound of one more than the other and if so, you’re one step closer to deciding.

Differences in Cost

There are going to be price difference when it comes between blenders and juicers. Usually, juicers are slightly more than blenders because they are newer and especially for juicing. However, blenders and juicers can both be fairly decent in terms of costs. You don’t always need to spend big when it comes to these but it’s wise to know how much you’re willing to pay. If you know this then you are more than likely able to make a decision in terms of which you want to buy. The best juicer can sometimes be more affordable than a big-named blender but again it varies depending on size, name and their abilities.

Buying the Best Blender for Smoothies Can Be Simple

When it comes down to choosing between the two machines, it really is all about what you want or need. Are you someone who wants a juicer only and by this it means creating juices and pretty much nothing else? However, do you like the idea of using a blender for creating soups, purees and smoothies? Blenders are a bit more versatile in a sense simply because they can come with a variety of functions which are suited for most kitchens. The best blender for smoothies is only as good as the smoothies so remember that!

Check out this link for more informations:

Best Blender

5 Great Tips To Find The Best Blender For Your Money

Whether you’re a home cook, a smoothie-shop owner, care about your health, or just big into juicing, a priceless addition to your kitchen is a quality blender.

But just because it’s priceless doesn’t mean you want to pay any price for it. There are so many options, but I will be giving you few of the best tips for healthy smoothie. Make sure you are dealing with the best resources from the Internet.

Here are 5 great tips to help you find an awesome blender:

  • Power – This might not be the number one thing to look for in a blender, but it certainly does help with everything you might want to use it for.
  • More power means you won’t have to prep your foods as much when making a smoothie – don’t chop your fruits into tiny pieces, just let the blender do it for you. And if your concoction is unusually thick, a powerful blender will be able to break right through it. Anything over 1 hp should do well. This is very important, you must be aware on how to get one for you.

5 Great Tips To Find The Best Blender For Your Money

  • Blade design – All the horsepower in the world doesn’t mean much if the blade design isn’t good. The blades need to be able to create a vortex, pulling everything in the blender down into them to be chopped into a billion little pieces. It’s also good to have blades that get close to the bottom of the pitcher, so that food pieces don’t get stuck in that mystery zone between the blades and the bottom of the pitcher.
  • Has a plunger – Now, I know some of the high quality blenders out there claim that they don’t need plungers at all. And if that were true, it would be great. But really, from what I’ve seen, no blender can really guarantee that it won’t need some occasional jostling. Having a plunger that cans jostle the food inside the pitcher while the blender is running is a huge advantage.
  • Can fit under cabinets – Having a blender that can’t fit between a countertop and the cabinets overhead can be a real pain! I can’t think of how many times I would have knocked over my blender if it didn’t fit perfectly under my cabinets. And knocking over a blender while it’s running would not be fun indeed.
  • Has a great warrantee – If you’re going to get something you want to last for the long haul, you should really make sure it has a great warrantee. For our purposes, let’s say it should have no less than a 7-year warrantee.

But What About The Price?

Right, the price! That’s really the question here, isn’t it? After all, if money was no object, it would be no problem finding a blender that satisfied all those requirements.

But finding one that will do that without breaking the bank is a different story entirely. That’s where the Omniblend comes into play. By satisfying all of the parameters we listed above, and costing only $279 USD, this is truly the best blender for your money.


The Perfect Blender For the Four Seasons

The Perfect Blender For the Four Seasons

The Oster blender ranks at the top for the best blender for smoothies when it comes to consumer reports and perhaps the most favorite of the bunch. This has mostly to do with its features that not only draw class but also superb quality. Here are some of the features that make this blender perfect for the four seasons.

The astounding feature of the Oster blender is its 500 watt motor. This raw power enables unrivaled chopping and grating. When you come to think about it, this blender can even fall off in the food processor category.

Not only that, it also has superior abilities when it comes to grinding different foods and produce, especially beans such as coffee and soy; and crushing ice in razor like precision. Choose the most powerful blender by searching their product names in the search bars.

World famous and classic beehive

Along with the 2 speeds that most blenders come with, there is also the low-speed pulse. This function is extremely useful when the blending calls for the right amount of control. This enables you to make perfect smoothies and fruit shakes every single time, eliminating the confusing distinction between the two.

The Perfect Blender For the Four Seasons

The glass container can hold up to forty ounce of liquid or substances with the similar consistency. For more information you should visit our best article here.

The ribbed and tapered portion of this clear class guarantees efficient mixing of the food or liquid inside. It has a clover top spout, perfect for sealing the liquid contents and their convenient and clean discharge.

The blender comes with its world famous and classic beehive shaped design with chrome finish, adding to its exquisiteness. This feature adds eye candy to your kitchen counter top lighting the whole place as a whole.

Its rubber feet secures stability most handy when significant volume content is blended and mixed inside the huge jar which also means less worry when it comes to accidental spillage. This is why many people are coming in to buy this kind of blender because it performs well and it will perform as what you are paying of.

With its full capacity and huge volume intake, the Oster mixer does not take much of the kitchen counter space, or it does not take space in general.

Even if your kitchen is already packed, you are sure to find amazement that you still can place it on top regardless of the seemingly lack of space. This also allows the blender to be kept in drawers and cabinets should it be needed.

The Oster blender is a must have for every household. From it exterior design to its raw blending, grinding and crushing power, this is a perfect appliance for the modern kitchen.

Its guarantee of quality and convenience does not only come from its manufacturers but also from the scores of people who have found satisfaction with its use.

Although you can search more blenders available in the market today but make sure you can but the best performer and not just best at pricing. Performance is still the top priority. Don’t buy cheap which don’t perform well you might just ended up being disgusted.